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KCFA Rules & Regulations

Thank you for reading through our general rules and regulations page before registering you child for classes!

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Rules & Regulations

-All students must enroll for the entire Season and make payments on scheduled dates. WE DO NOT SEND BILLS

-Tuition is not based on a single lesson or by the month, it is a full Season Fee

-Unless tuition is being paid in full (for the Season) a credit card must be entered into the Studio Director Software.

-There is a $25 fee for a returned check.

-Students with outstanding accounts will not be admitted into class.

-There are NO REFUNDS for voluntary withdrawal after the Season has started. 

-Credit will be applied to the account for prolonged illness/injury or disability -verified by a doctor's certificate. Credit will begin the first day the office is notified.

-KCFA reserves the right to cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment

-All images of the student taken by KCFA may be used for materials of the school

-Kansas City Fashion Academy nor Jeanne Nuage is responsible for any injury sustained or related to activities on the premises.

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