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KCFA Class Supply Lists

Shopping for Supplies is our favorite part :D

Please note that these are general supply lists. Depending on the goals of each student and class, the instructor may request more items. 

Class Supply Lists


  1. Dress making sheers

  2. Quilting Pins (long)

  3. Black and white thread

  4. Marking chalk or pen

  5. Needles (hand-sewing)

  6. Seam ripper

  7. Measuring tape

  8. Pin cushion

  9. Project tote

  10. Regular pen & pencil

  11. Black Sharpie

Your student will need approx 2 yards of cotton fabric in addition to the supplies above. JoAnn’s has a large selection of wonderful choices. 


  1. 9"x12" wired sketch pad

  2. Drawing pencil set. Link to Set

  3. Ruler

  4. 24 or 36 set of colored pencils

  5. Additional big pink eraser

  6. Fashion magazine i.e. Style, Elle, Vogue, etc.

  7. Backpack or tote to carry supplies

  8. Black fine point permanent marker


Coming Soon...


  1. Clothes comfortable enough to move around 

  2. Pair of sneakers

  3. Optional Pair of manageable heels (age 11& up)

  4. 1-2 fashion magazines

  5. Makeup kit -foundation, pink tone blush, eyeliner, brown palette eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lipstick (pink to red hues)-

  6. Hair kit -comb/brush, bobby pins, hairbands, hairspray

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